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Press Release

March 16th, 2006

NEW YORK - Zetek Corporation announced today the initial installation of its revolutionary Wayfinding System. The system is being used by Lincoln Center to guide emergency workers, employees and visiting performers quickly and easily to their desired location anywhere within the maze of dressing rooms, rehearsal rooms, practice studios, costume shops, wig rooms, machine rooms, etc. in the complex twelve story facility that is The New York State Theater. The system provides easy-to-follow graphic 3D map illustrations so that emergency workers or first time visitors can readily find the best, most direct way to get to the location where they need to be. These graphic directions are available on a large screen color display and in color printed form. Originally developed to guide fire fighters, police and medical professionals to emergency sites without assistance, this capability also has great value in commercial applications. Operators of shopping malls, megastores, museums, sport stadiums, convention centers, hospitals, opera houses, concert halls, casinos, and industrial facilities can increase revenue by giving visitors and clients the ability to easily navigate through these complex facilities without any assistance other than that provided by the Wayfinding System.

"Being able to navigate complex structures is immensely important from a life safety standpoint, and for revenue generation as well. We are delighted to have as our first Wayfinding customer a world famous cultural institution like The New York State Theater at Lincoln Center," said Bertrand Dorfman, Zetek's CEO. Mark Heiser, Managing Director of The New York State Theater at Lincoln Center, added, "We were particularly impressed with the capabilities and ease of use of the Zetek system. The way the system creates easy-to-use 3D maps, which include a colored arrow that acts as a 'yellow brick road', will be of great value in the event of an emergency and for helping visitors find their way around the facility."

About Zetek Corporation
Zetek Corporation is a New York-based engineering design firm that has developed unique, proprietary software and hardware solutions that facilitate people movement and wireless communications in large buildings and other complex structures. Zetek markets its solutions to a wide array of commercial, industrial, cultural, entertainment, institutional and governmental clients.

About The New York State Theater at Lincoln Center
The New York State Theater, designed by Philip Johnson and built in 1964, is the home of the New York City Ballet and New York City Opera. It is a traditional Proscenium Theater, with a seating capacity of 2,755.

Contact Information
Bertrand Dorfman
(212) 688-1485

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