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Transcending Code Compliance

Essential as it is that facilities comply with federal, state, and local safety codes, today they have to go further. The times require innovative and deeper approaches. In the post-September 11 environment, companies and government entities must transcend code compliance in order to fully protect their personnel, their assets, the public, and emergency workers from potentially devastating harm.

Code compliance is not enough because:

  1. Building safety codes are developed through a process of multilateral political negotiation. As a result, they are cautious and conservative.
  2. Because codes change slowly, they have not yet caught up with post-9/11 risk elevation.
  3. Because they need to apply broadly, codes cannot be facility-specific. Complex structures have special needs that many codes do not adequately address.

In today�s world, where catastrophe is no longer just a theoretical possibility, managers in the private and public sectors want to do more than the minimum. Keeping security costs down now seems painfully short-sighted, given the fact that the real costs of a terrorist attack in terms of life, infrastructure, and inventory dwarf any amount that might be saved by taking a limited and insufficient approach.

Any threat to assets is also a threat to a company�s financial well-being, because it contributes to excessive costs. Identifying strategies for eliminating or mitigating risks can reduce operating costs in the long run. Zetek aims to provide products and services tailored to client needs at the lowest possible cost.

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