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Engineering Services

Zetek provides three categories of service: Life Safety, Security & Communications.

Our professionals come from a wide range of fields of expertise, including life safety, security, electronics and electrical engineering and software development making Zetek a one-stop shop offering global, customized solutions to today's challenges for facilities owners and managers.

At Zetek, we do everything in-house and we coordinate all disciplines. As a result, our solutions are uniquely able to meet all of our clients' needs.

Life Safety

Learn more about Zetek's Life Safety services

Our goal is maximum safety for building occupants, the public, emergency workers and property owners. We have developed a number of solutions to help achieve this goal.


Learn more about Zetek's Security services

Our experienced security professionals can provide security solutions in a number of mission critical areas, such as physical, executive, and intellectual property security.


Learn more about Zetek's Communication services

Using Zetek's patented technology we can provide wireless communication and wayfinding systems for any existing structure and install it without disturbing operations.

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