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Wireless Repeater System

Primary Applications
Features & Benefits

For police, fire, and other emergency personnel, reliable two-way radio communication is critical to mission success. Zetek's Wireless Repeater technology eliminates the problems that have plagued communications within both large and complex structures by using Zetek's patented technology to radically extend the physical range of signal propagation within buildings.

How It Works

The Wireless Repeater System consists of a number of Wireless Signal Repeaters installed throughout the building or structure. No wiring is required, and each unit is powered entirely by a battery with a lifespan of over two years. Zetek's long distance signal propagation technology permits communication between any two repeaters without relying on daisy chains of devices, ensuring that coverage can be maintained even if only a limited number of repeaters are operational–regardless of the size, shape, or materials of construction of the structure. All repeater units are capable of converting an analog signal into a digital signal, and vice versa, and passing the digital signal on to every other unit.

In addition to increasing reliability, this setup greatly extends the range of radio communications. The Wireless Repeater System also has the ability to check itself for good working order. Even when the system is not in use, it is self-polling, and periodically sends out signals to the Wireless Signal Repeaters and receives responses from them in order to monitor their operability, battery output level, and other key criteria.

With Zetek's patented technology for long distance indoor signal propagation, a small number of Wireless Signal Repeaters placed throughout a building can create a digital network supporting two-way communications between any two points within even the largest, most complex facilities, eliminating dead spots, signal attenuation, and overcoming structural interference.

Fault Tolerance

Zetek's truly Wireless Repeater System helps ensure communication between any two points in a structure even if electrical power is lost or parts of the network are damaged. Each Wireless Repeater is a completely independent battery-powered unit. Zetek's system checks each repeater periodically for operability, battery output, and other key criteria. Batteries or even inoperable units are easily replaced by building maintenance crews. Zetek's patented technology for long range indoor signal propagation along with advanced power management allows Zetek's Wireless Repeater System to boost transmissions from any unit, creating a wireless digital network that can maintain full connectivity even if an emergency has destroyed some of the Wireless Repeaters. Other systems require extensive cabling with multiple antennae and depend on additional building wiring for their power, making their signal coverage vulnerable to outages and compromised cables.

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