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Zetek Corporation is an engineering design firm developing hardware and software systems that provide life safety & security solutions for facilities of any size or type, ranging from small buildings to complex multi-structure campuses. Our solutions and services are used by industrial, residential, cultural, entertainment, institutional and governmental clients.

Wayfinding System

Zetek's Wayfinding System is a pioneering approach to indoor navigation software. It has been developed to help fire, police and other emergency personnel, as well as employees and visitors, find destinations within structures quickly and easily. The Wayfinding System produces intuitive three-dimensional maps of simple, efficient routes to selected indoor destinations by combining our techniques of dynamic mapping and routing.

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Wireless Repeater System

For police, fire, and other emergency personnel, reliable two-way radio communication is critical to mission success. Zetek's Wireless Repeater technology eliminates the problems that have plagued communications within both large and complex structures by using Zetek's patented technology to radically extend the physical range of signal propagation within buildings. Our repeaters require absolutely NO installation wiring.

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