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A Global Approach

Zetek professionals bring to a project decades worth of hands-on experience in all areas relevant to life safety, security & communications for complex structures. We have worked in engineering and architectural environments; we have held senior management positions and we have also sat on the client’s side of the table.

As a result of this unique combination of different kinds of expertise, Zetek can offer an integrated, global approach to solutions. We maintain the integrity and aesthetic values of complex environments when modifications have to be made. We make access-control points, such as security turnstiles and electronic surveillance centers, blend with their surroundings so as to create the best possible work environments. Our designs do not violate the integrity of the interiors of historic or landmarked buildings.

When it comes to problem solving, Zetek creates designs that allow for growth and adaptation to changing needs while protecting the character of the structure itself. Our experts perform life-cycle analyses of buildings as part of the process of retrofitting.

At Zetek, everything is in-house. We coordinate all the disciplines. As a result, our product is uniquely able to meet all of our clients’ needs when it comes to dealing with risk in an increasingly dangerous world.

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